Customer satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys we design is always focused on practical action and is designed to identify and prioritise problem areas and measures for improvement. You get a customer satisfaction survey that helps you improve your customer experience and increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

We are experts when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and will support you at every turn, from designing questions and collecting responses for analysis and reporting, to following up and acting on results.

Next offers relationship customer surveys (designed to measure overall customer experience and loyalty) and also transaction-based customer surveys aimed at an individual interaction/transaction (following up on a purchase, repairs/service, contact with customer service etc.).

Tailor-made customer research

We tailor our customer surveys based on your wants and needs. Everything from preparing questions and how we collect responses to analysis and reporting is adapted to suit your business. We often use web surveys and telephone interviews to collect responses, but we can also use text messages, tablets or face-to-face interviews.

Insightful analyses and reports

Our final delivery often comprises a detailed analysis report where we summarise, visualise and analyse results and offer recommendations for actions. For continuous studies, reporting can be done via a web-based reporting portal with dashboards and you can also produce your own analyses and reports.

We help you produce customer insights that will guide you to create a better customer experience. Among other things, we identify which quality factors and which stages on the customer journey you should be prioritising in order to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Simply analysing numbers and KPI´s rarely gives you customer insights that are good enough to help you develop your business. You also need to understand why customers are happy/unhappy. That’s why we often also analyse customer comments and suggestions for improvements to give you more in-depth customer insights. We can also connect the results of your customer survey to operational data such as customer complaints, customer attrition, turnover/profits etc. for a more detailed analysis.

Examples of what we can include in our reporting:

  • Detailed and insightful reports with nice and clear visual presentation.
  • Key figures such as customer satisfaction index, Customer experience index och Loyalty index.
  • Analysis of driving factors to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Analysis of open ended questions and comments.
  • Recommendations of concrete actions in order to improve the customer experience.
  • Web-based reporting portal, alerts for low results, text analysis, system support for action plans.
  • Workshops around the results of and consultation support in order to create concrete action plans.

From research to action plan

A customer survey that isn’t acted upon won’t lead to growth and doesn’t serve any purpose. Using workshops based on our Action Aid model, we can help you convert customer insights into concrete action plans.

If you are carrying out continuous research, we can also help you with processes for continuously monitor the data to generate customer insights and converting these into action plans.


Arbetsgång för kundundersökningar

Nedan är en enkel beskrivning av de huvudsakliga momenten för genomförandet av en kundundersökning. Vid löpande undersökningar så sker datainsamling och rapportering mer frekvent och kontinuerligt men de flesta momenten är de samma oavsett om det är en årlig kundundersökning eller en undersökning som sker mer löpande.

– Uppstartsmöte
– Anpassning av frågebatteri
– Grafisk anpassning av webbenkät
– Uppsättning av frågor osv. i enkätverktyg

– Vi skickar ut undersökningen via e-post eller SMS eller genom för telefonintervjuer.
– Övervakning, avstämningar och support

Sammanställning och analys
– Kontroll av data
– Uppsättning av diagram och tabeller
– Analys av resultat, korskörningar osv
– Beräkning av nyckeltal för kundnöjdhet och kundlojalitet.
– Analys av öppna svar som motiveringar och förbättringsförslag

Leverans av rapporter och åtgärdsarbete
– Genomgång och presentation av resultat
– Genomförande eller medverkan på workshops
– Stöttning för att upprätta handlingsplaner och eventuellt systemstöd för detta