Employee satisfaction survey

An employee survey (measuring  both engagement and satisfaction) is a good tool for improving your working environment and your employees’ experience. Our employee surveys are aimed at find actionable insight, and identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as the main drivers behind employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

You get a tailor-made employee survey where the questions, reports etc. are adapted specifically for your business. We take full responsibility for carrying out all parts of the research. Beside the survey itself, we can also offer you assistance when it comes to developing action plans based on the insight from the survey.


We offers both a traditional employee survey, which covers a broad range of topics, and shorter pulse surveys. Both of these survey types come with their own benefits and drawbacks so we are more than happy to combine the two for you. Read more about pulse surveys


Employee surveys adapted to your needs

We offer a tailor-made approach for your employee survey where everything from questions to data collection to reporting is adapted to suit your business. We adapt our method for data collection to meet your requirements in order to ensure a high response level.

Responses are usually collected using web surveys (adapted for smartphones) that are sent out via e-mail, however we can also offer log-in codes, paper questionnaires and survey links sent out via text message.


Asking the questiosn that matter

Our employee survey is designed to give you an overall picture of experiences among your employees. The questionnaire covers issues which independent studies have shown are important significant when it comes to getting happy and engaged employees. However, we adapt the questionnaire to suit your business, thereby making sure that the survey is just right for your business. We can also adapt questionnaires for different groups of workers etc.

Our employee surveys usually measure three key figures. Our employee satisfaction index measures employee satisfaction, our Engaged employee index measures employee engagement, and our Loyal employee index measures employee loyalty.


Analysis and clear reporting focused on taking action

For an employee survey to offer good insights, its results need to be properly analysed.

We compile and analyse the results and identify, among other things, which areas you should be prioritising to achieve greater employee engagement and satisfaction.

Numbers and KPI´s can never capture the full picture of employees’ experiences at work, for that reason we often also review the open-ended questions and respondents´ comments for a more in-depth analysis.

As well as reviewing results at an overall level, we often also produce detailed reports per manager/department, workplace etc.

Examples of what we can include in our reporting:

  • Report with clear visual presentation in graphs.
  • Overall result and individual reports per department/manager/location etc.
  • KPI´s on employee satisfaction, loyalty and engagement.
  • Analysis on what to prioritise in order to increase employee satisfaction or engagement.
  • Review and summary of open-ended answers to identify underlying causes.
  • Recommendations on concrete measures based on survey results.
  • Workbook with tips and templates for producing action plans.
  • Web-based reporting portal where you can create your own analyses of survey results.
  • Workshop and consultation support for monitoring and developing action plans.

Reporting portal

A web-based reporting portal can be a good solution for pulse surveys, but it might also be useful for annual employee surveys. With the web portal, your managers get individualised reports with responses from their employees only and comparisons with the organisation as a whole. You can also implement your own cross-references and filters (all while maintaining the respondents´ anonymity).


Taking action

An employee survey should be looked at as part of a bigger process for improving your working environment, and it is extremely important that you really act on the results of the survey. We will be more than happy to help you push your action work forwards to make sure your survey leads to improvements.

Based on a workshop process we call Action Aid we can help you transition from insight to complete action plans, thereby helping you get the full value of your employee surveys.


Our clients says

Customer survey for KRAV
The reports Next has produced have been informative and well-structured. All of this has given us a really crucial foundation when it comes to business planning.

Customer survey for the Swedish Sports Confederation
We gave Next the task of using a questionnaire-based survey to run a health check-up on our sports product (IdrottOnline). The help we received from Next in terms of formulating questions, collecting data and above all conducting analysis was outstanding.

Internal survey for Mekonomen
We are really happy with how Next handled this survey for us. Next really listened to what we wanted when it came to questions, designing the web survey, data collection and reporting, and the entire survey process was really smooth. Thanks to the results from the survey, we have been able to make some really crucial decisions.

Market research for KTH innovation
We loved working with Next and are very happy with the results. We had a good dialogue regarding the content and layout of our market research study, and felt like we had a good overview throughout the process.

Awareness study for ÅJ Distribution
I am very happy with how the study was conducted. It all felt very professional and it was a very easy process! The study, including the analyses and recommendations from Next, gave us a really good foundation for the next steps in our DR work which was conducted with the same target group.

Employee survey for BBGRUPPEN
The collaboration ran like clockwork with short, concise and effective coordination meetings. Reporting was detailed and we received clear reports with analyses that showed us which areas we should be focusing on in our improvements. We even received good, concrete recommendations for action.



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