Market research / Market analysis

We can helps you make informed decisions based on data and insights about your market. We can e.g., needs, buying criteria, identify market trends or test the concept for a new product.

We do bespoke market research adapted to your specific needs. Our consultants help you with all parts in the survey, from question design, selection, data collection to analysis and clear reporting.


Bespoke market research

We do not use a ready-made template with questions when we conduct market research, instead we tailor your market research project based on your specific needs. Everything from questions, survey method and reporting is adapted based on your needs and wishes, target group and other conditions.

We can also help with selected parts of a survey. For example, if you only want help collecting answers to do your own analysis, or if you want help compiling and analyzing data that you have already collected.

We do market research aimed at both individuals and companies and can conduct surveys with a representative sample of the population or with companies in certain industries and different etc.


Questions that a market research can help you answer:

  • What criteria does your target group and different segments use when choosing a product / supplier?
  • How does the market value different properties of your type of product and how do you stand in the competition?
  • What is the market’s attitude towards your type of service / product / product category?
  • How does the target group view your intended product concept, is there a market potential?


First-class analysis and reporting

When we have collected all the data, we usually compile the results into a detailed and clear report where the results are reported with easy-to-read diagrams and other graphics. We analyze the results, present conclusions and give recommendations based on the results.

The can also be delivered in other formats (based on your wishes) and include everything from raw data to infographics.

Examples of what the reporting may include:

  • Detailed analysis report with easy-to-read graphic presentation in Power point Word or Excel.
  • Comparison between different segments / target groups, cross tabs.
  • Analysis of both quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (text / open-ended questions) answers.
  • Summary, conclusions and recommendations.


Qualitative and / or quantitative market research

Depending on the purpose, target group and more, we choose the method that suits best. We can conduct market research using several different methods such as telephone interviews, web surveys, web panels, focus groups, personal interviews, and more. In consultation with you, we choose the method (or methods) that will be best for your particular market research.


Our clints say

Customer survey for KRAV
The reports Next has produced have been informative and well-structured. All of this has given us a really crucial foundation when it comes to business planning.

Customer survey for the Swedish Sports Confederation
We gave Next the task of using a questionnaire-based survey to run a health check-up on our sports product (IdrottOnline). The help we received from Next in terms of formulating questions, collecting data and above all conducting analysis was outstanding.

Internal survey for Mekonomen
We are really happy with how Next handled this survey for us. Next really listened to what we wanted when it came to questions, designing the web survey, data collection and reporting, and the entire survey process was really smooth. Thanks to the results from the survey, we have been able to make some really crucial decisions.

Market research for KTH innovation
We loved working with Next and are very happy with the results. We had a good dialogue regarding the content and layout of our market research study, and felt like we had a good overview throughout the process.

Awareness study for ÅJ Distribution
I am very happy with how the study was conducted. It all felt very professional and it was a very easy process! The study, including the analyses and recommendations from Next, gave us a really good foundation for the next steps in our DR work which was conducted with the same target group.

Employee survey for BBGRUPPEN
The collaboration ran like clockwork with short, concise and effective coordination meetings. Reporting was detailed and we received clear reports with analyses that showed us which areas we should be focusing on in our improvements. We even received good, concrete recommendations for action.



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