Comments from some of our customers.

Market analysis for Illinois Tool Works

Working with Next to understand the Swedish market more intimately was a really great example of agency collaboration. Next made a real effort from the outset to dig deep and understand our original brief, so that they could deliver both what we wanted to know, as well as surprise us with market insight on what we needed to learn.

As a research agency, they afforded us great flexibility throughout the study and gave a real sense of personal investment and attention to the results.
I would not hesitate to recommend Next to international clients looking to understand the Swedish market better.


Consumer behaviour and attitude survey for Moderna försäkringar

When we needed to know what the end customers think about our product insurance in Sweden, Moderna Försäkring’s choice fell on Next to conduct an attitude survey, and in retrospect we are very grateful for that!

We received very good help in designing the survey and the answers came in quickly, with good content and many valuable comments on open questions. We therefore expanded the study to include not only Sweden but also the Nordic countries and Germany.

The report by country was very good and the conclusions of the Next made between the countries results are invaluable to us.


Customer survey for the Swedish Sports Confederation

We gave Next the task of using a questionnaire-based survey to run a health check-up on our sports product (IdrottOnline). It was important for us that the analytical work was conducted by a third party so that we could get as independent a report as possible. The help we received from Next in terms of formulating questions, collecting data and above all conducting analysis was outstanding.


Web survey for County Administrative Boards of Sweden

I can wholeheartedly recommend Next Research & Consulting. The work they did on the questionnaire we used to survey municipalities around the country in 2016 was fast, professional and high-quality.


Internal survey for Mekonomen

We are really happy with how Next handled this survey for us. Next really listened to what we wanted when it came to questions, designing the web survey, data collection and reporting, and the entire survey process was really smooth.

Thanks to the results from the survey, we have been able to make some really crucial decisions. We will certainly be entrusting future surveys to Next.


Customer survey for KRAV

Next has helped give us a really good approach to carrying out our customer surveys. The help we received in terms of developing surveys with questions adapted to suit our needs, collecting answers, and preparing reports was outstanding.

The reports Next has produced have been informative and well-structured. The report summary has given us a good overview of what our customers think of KRAV, our organisation and the added value we offer. All of this has given us a really crucial foundation when it comes to business planning.


Employee survey for Byggbeslag

We used Next for a series of three employee surveys carried out in 2017, each of which focused on a different area.

The collaboration ran like clockwork with short, concise and effective coordination meetings. The deadlines we agreed to were met to the minute.

Reporting was detailed and we received clear reports with analyses that showed us which areas we should be focusing on in our improvements. We even received good, concrete recommendations for action.

Something else I appreciate is that our ideas concerning the surveys were refined and improved thanks to some good input from Sven-Tore at Next. In short, working with Next was simple, smooth and cost-effective.


Guest survey for Säfsen Resort

We at Säfsen are really happy with the guest survey that Next carried out for us. Next’s approach in this project is easy to use and economical on time, and their reports suit us just perfectly. The reports are easy to read and to work through with our employees going forwards.

The entire process was nice and smooth. The results we have received both continuously throughout the winter season and in the final report have given us a tool which we can use to prioritise and increase our guest experience even more!


Brand awareness study for ÅJ Distribution

We had Next carry out our first ever awareness study for our retailers target group. I must say that Sven-Tore at Next brought a great deal of knowledge to the process, from designing questions to carrying out the study. I am very happy with how the study was conducted. It all felt very professional and it was a very easy process!

The study was conducted as telephone interviews and even though it was a very tough target group (line managers at Sweden’s biggest retail chains), Next was able to collect a good number of responses.

The reporting afterwards was well-structured and included a number of analyses and diagrams. The study, including the analyses and recommendations from Next, gave us a really good foundation for the next steps in our DR work which was conducted with the same target group.


Market research for Hjälp hemma

We are very happy with how the study was conducted and presented. Working with Sven-Tore Bengtsson from Next was really good. He really listened to us and came up with good solutions.

We will be using the documentation for our upcoming market plan and believe that it will act as a solid foundation for our future marketing work. We also appreciate that Sven-Tore really familiarised himself with our specific industry beforehand and produced a really tailor-made solution for us.


Market research for Redpoodle Systems

Working with Next was a very smooth process and Next demonstrated that they are capable of producing tailor-made market research, providing us with the answers to just the questions we wanted answering.

The report we got was clear and detailed, and also nicely broken down into different answer categories, which is important for us. Thanks to the results from our survey, we have managed to focus on the customer group that is interested in buying our Fieldo cloud service.

Sven-Tore Bengtsson from Next is a professional and customer focused. We are very happy.


Market research for KTH innovation

We loved working with Next and are very happy with the results. We had a good dialogue regarding the content and layout of our market research study, and felt like we had a good overview throughout the process.

Conducting the study, and summarising and delivering the results was fast and gave us good insights into our business idea!