Website survey/analysis

With a website survey/analysis from Next, you get a great tool for ensuring the quality of your websites and intranet and for helping them grow. Since a website is very often the single most important information channel with respect to the market, your website is a very important area to keep an eye on.

Beside using a survey on the website we can also help you carry out in-depth studies using focus groups or in-depth interview. This  will give you a more in-depth picture of how your website is being perceived.


Normally we will place a questionnaire on your website that is activated once your visitors have spent 30-60 seconds on your website and managed to get an idea of the site. Website research can also be used to evaluate intranets.

If you are planning on a major website overhaul, a website survey can act as a preliminary study to give you a clear picture of the wants and needs of your website’s visitors.


Website research for quality assurance and development

Our website research measures the user experience, and gives you a good understanding of how users perceive your website. We usually measure factors such as user-friendliness, navigation, design and content/information. However, we are also happy to add, remove or reword survey questions to suit your needs and your website.


First class reporting

Our results provide a foundation for improving your website and our analysis focuses on producing areas for development based on what your visitors think of your website. To help you prioritise the right areas, we collect both quantitative and qualitative information which we then analyse.

The results are presented in a clear report with our recommendations on actions to take to improve your website. Our analysis helps you identify which areas you need to develop in order to improve user experience.



Examples of questions that a Next website study can answer:

  • How is the design of the website perceived?
  • How user-friendly is the website?
  • What works well on the website and what doesn’t?
  • Are there functions that users feel are missing or don’t understand?
  • Who visits the website?
  • What is the goal that visitors have when they visit the website?
  • Do visitors find the information they are looking for?


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