Action Aid – action plan workshops

Action Aid is what we call our approach for helping our customers with following up on research and preparing action plans.

Action Aid is a structured process for workshops where we help you to create concrete action plans. Action Aid can be used to go from insight to action after doing a customer satisfaction survey or employee survey, or any other type of insights meant to result in action plans.

If your data collection is a continuous process, for example, you can take advantage of applying the same model in order to create a structured system for ensuring that the feedback you receive results in actions.

We can be hold one or more workshops, or alternatively we can train you in the model to give you a frame work for acting on customer insights and other types of feedback.

It is your staff who will be bringing the action plans to life and we guide you in designing actions based on what you want to achieve, your very own “ideal situation” by blending insights and your staffs know how and company values.

The fact that your employees are personally involved in producing action plans also leads to these actions enjoying a high degree of acceptance, making change management easier as it´s changes that they themselves have helped design. We can also provide a web-based system for action plans. This system makes it easy to monitor whether or not action plans are on schedule etc. If you want to get better at acting on feedback from your customers or your employees, we can help you establish an approach that’s right for your business.

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