About Next

We are a Swedish market research company that provide tailor-made research and consulting with the goal to help our customers become more successful.

We combine the analytical strength of a market research company with a consultative approach, helping our customers to take action on the insight. 


An important objective for us is that the work we do should lead to some sort of improvement for our clients weather it to improve the customer experience or targeting the right market or better ROI on marketing. We chose the company name Next specifically because we want to help our clients take the next step in their development.



Customer focus

All the work we carry out at Next is designed according to each client’s unique requirements in order to create the best solution for each individual project. Whether it’s carrying out a Customer satisfaction survey, Employee survey, or Mapping your customer journey, we work in line with each client’s needs.


Insight that guides your action

We see surveys and analyses of different kind as important tools that provide valuable information when it comes to both mapping and identifying problems and opportunities. We use the information and insights we obtain to give you a solid foundation for making smart decisions.

We place a great deal of emphasis on our surveys being both insightful and to be designed to insight that can be used to make action plans.

Unlike many market research companies, we also offer recommendations on actions, support and assistance in creating action plans.





We follow the ethics guidelines for market research companies compiled by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Read more.

By following ethics guidelines that have been produced for market research companies, we are also committing to observe the rights of both our study participants and our customers.





CXPA – Customer Experience Professionals Association, an international organisation for people and companies working to develop good customer experiences.


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Why choose Next?

Tailor-made solutions with a clear focus on practical action.

First-class reporting with insightful analysis and actionable recommendations.

Consulting and change management that takes you from insight to action.


Our core values

Engagement: We engage in our clients’ business and success.

Flexibility: Flexibility in performance and delivery to give our customers the best possible solution based on their specific wants, needs and goals.

Clarity: Identifying and clearly conveying insights and giving recommendations to our clients to make it easy for them to transition from insight to action.

Expertise: With expertise in the services we offer, we provide our clients with a high-quality service.