We offer various surveys linked to understanding your market, the experience of your brand, trends,  attitudes and opinions in the market. Based on your needs, we design a survey that suits your information needs.

Market research / market analysis

By a bespoke market research / market analysis we can help you get to know your market and help you make the right choice when it comes to issues like the markets wants and needs, trends, product tests etc.

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Brand survey

How well does your brand perform in the market in terms of brand recognition and what place does it hold in the mind of the target market. With a brand survey we will help you find out this and more.

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Focus groups

Let us help you with your focus group project. We do face2face groups and online focus groups. We can recruit participants, moderate, transcribe, translate and deliver a full report.

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Website survey / analysis

How does the the website perform from the visitors point of view? With a website survey we will help you get insights that you can use to create a better user experience.

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